Home    Attitude to cervical cancer screening and sexual behaviour among HPV vaccinated young women—A qualitative pilot study

Objectives: To explore attitudes to cervical cancer screening and sexual behaviour among human papillomavirus (HPV)-vaccinated young women in southern Sweden. Methods: Sixteen women aged 17-26 years who had received the HPV vaccine were submitted to an individual semi-structured interview. Interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim. The data were analysed qualitatively by means of latent content analysis. Results: The interviewees had a poor understanding of cervical cancer screening. After it was explained to them, they stated that they were willing to participate in the screening. The young women thought their future sexual behaviour would not be affected by the vaccination. They considered themselves to be more aware of it and less likely to engage in risky behaviour than their peers. They knew little about the relation among HPV, sexual transmission and cervical cancer, and they expressed a desire for more information. Conclusions: These young women who recently had been administered HPV vaccine had a limited understanding of the importance of participating in future cervical cancer screening. It is necessary that more and more appropriate information of cervical cancer screening be given on the occasion of the HPV vaccination.