Home    Multicenter Analysis of mFOLFOX6 with Oxaliplatin Stop-and-Go Strategy Using Oral Uracil-Tegafur with Leucovorin for Unresectable Colorectal Cancer in Elderly Patients

Background: This study evaluated the tolerability and efficacy of intermittent oxaliplatin treatment based on mFOLFOX6 using oral uracil-tegafur(UFT) and leucovorin(LV) maintenance therapy in the treatment of elderly patients with advanced colorectal cancer. Methods: Ten non-elderly patients (<70 years) and 8 elderly patients (>70 years) with advanced/recurrent colorectal cancer were enrolled in this prospective, multicenter cooperative group clinical trial. The mFOLFOX6 regimen was administered for eight cycles with maintenance therapy with oral UFT/LV treatment until progression. In cases with disease progression, mFOLFOX6 was reintroduced. Results:Grade 2 peripheral neuropathy was noted in 30.0% and 25.0% of the elderly and non-elderly patients, respectively. The observed time to treatment failure (TTF) was 6.3 months in the elderly patients and 6.4 months in the non-elderly patients. The disease control rate was 83.3% in each group. Conclusion: Our new stopandgo strategy using oral UFT/LV is well-tolerated and effective even in elderly patients.