Home    Studies on the effects of pretreatment on production hydrogen from municipal sludge anaerobic fermentation

Municipal sludge was rich in organic matter, period of natural degradation was long and low efficiency, leachate would pollute underground water. In this paper, a comparative study of the ways of pretreatment with acid alkali treatment, heat digestion and ultrasonic treatment were done. The results showed that The dehydro-genase activity were increased, the SCOD (soluable chemical oxygen demand, SCOD) in-creased more than 2.47~2.83, 1.70~1.76, 2.6~ 2.77 times respectively. The hydrogen yield in-creased more than 11.5~12.2, 24.1~24.7, 34.2~ 34.9 mL.g-1 (VS) respectively. The period of pro- hydrogen was shorten to 7.5, 8.0, 6.5 d respec-tively. The degradation rate was up to 72.04%, 81.4%, 80% respectively, the methane concen-tration in the gas was close to “zero” and ul-trasonic treatment was better than others. Gompertz model curve fitting on hydrogen production was carried out. All the values of correlation factor R2 were more than 0.97.